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Healthcare Provider Training

Our on-site healthcare training delivers top-quality, hands-on instruction from professional, experienced educators, readying your team for the dynamic world of patient care


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Check out our IV Therapy training options.


Healthcare BLS and non-healthcare CPR training.


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Online Training Courses - Earn CEs

2 CEs

This course is designed for healthcare professionals, including nurses, seeking to acquire or enhance their basic phlebotomy skills. This is not a national phlebotomy certification curriculum. FREE Download - "Blood Collection Tube Guide"

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1.5 CEs

This course provides a general overview of fluid balance and imbalances in the body, including fluid compartments and osmosis. In addition, we will discuss the three main crystalloid IV fluids and their effects on the body.

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2 CEs

This Parenteral Nutrition course provides foundational knowledge for nurses. This course covers topics including the indications, components of, administration practices, and complications of Parenteral Nutrition therapy.

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6 CEs

Comprehensive IV Therapy training for the beginning or intermediate-level nurse caring for patients with IVs and infusions. This course includes Peripheral and Central Venous Access (CVAD) management.

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Training Courses for Your Facility

We offer a variety of preset healthcare courses to meet your facility's needs. We also provide custom training for additional topics as needed. Whatever the training, we come to your location in PA, OH, NY, NJ, MD, and surrounding areas.

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  • Long-Term Care Facilities

  • Drug and Rehab Facilities

  • Home Health Agencies

  • Clinics / Offices

  • Hospitals

  • and more...

Additionally, we offer select training for individuals at one of our training locations.

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