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Store Return Policy

Returns are accepted on some store items. If you are not pleased with your order, you may return it to us for a refund or exchange if you notify us within 7 days of receiving it. You will be refunded the purchase price on acceptable returns, less a processing fee of 10% of the product purchase cost. In order to qualify for a return, the item must be unopened and returned in original shipping containers or packaging. Once we ship a product, we are not responsible for any damage caused during the handling by the delivery carrier. Products with defects caused by water damage, misuse, accidents, or negligence are not covered under this policy. Please contact us via email at to request a refund with instructions for return.


We do not accept returns on products that are opened or used.  Manufacturer wrapped and unopened books are returnable with a 10% processing fee. Books that are not still in their manufacturer wrap are not accepted for return. CPR masks and shields that are sent in the sealed wrap are not accepted for return once the outer wrap is opened.

IV Class Remediation and Testing

IV Therapy Online Course Assessment
Throughout the online course, the student must complete assessments to complete the section of the course. The student is given the option to correct any incorrect responses at the end of each assessment.
There is also a final assessment that must be completed before the course can be completed. Results are reviewed by the instructor prior to class for any areas of knowledge deficit and reviewed with the class as a whole or, if needed, with any individuals.
Frontline has adopted an open-resource policy for online exams and in-person skills testing. Open resource means that students may use resources as a reference while completing the assessments and hands-on skills. Resources could include the printouts from the online course, online course resources, open online course material, or any notes taken by the student during the course. 
Suppose a student has failed to correctly complete a section of the assessment. In that case, the student may remediate with an instructor during the skills session. If needed or preferred by the student, there is an option of a scheduled zoom meeting at a later date to be determined and mutually agreed upon by the instructor and the student. The Zoom remediation is scheduled in 30 minutes sessions at the cost of $50/session.
If the student has missed a large section of the assessment and is unable to easily remediate, then the student may be asked to retake the course. The student may retake the course at a 50% discount of the original full course cost paid by the student. The student may attend the next in-person class at the hosting facility or attend a pre-scheduled stand-alone course offered by Frontline Medical Training Services located in Meadville, PA 16335


Safety Policy

Following the recommendations from the AHA for COVID-19 CPR classes and the CDC, Frontline M.T.S. is taking the following precautions to make sure you stay healthy while in our class:


  1. No one is to enter the class if they are feeling ill or have a fever.

  2. Wearing a face mask is optional per your preference.

  3. All equipment will be thoroughly cleaned before and after the class.

  4. Hand sanitizer will be made available in the class.


We ask that you do your part in helping others stay healthy by canceling or rescheduling your class if you have flu or cold symptoms, a fever, or recent unprotected exposure to COVID-19

Class Registration Cancellation

All registration cancellations and refund requests must be made by 2 business days before the scheduled class. A refund of the full class fee will be given for cancellations received by that date. A refund of the full IV Therapy Program fee will be given for cancellations received by that date if the participant does not attend the IV Therapy Program in-person skills and has not enrolled in the IV Therapy online course. Once a participant is enrolled in the IV Therapy online course, a max of 50% program refund will be given.   You can receive credit for a future class. Max is 1 rescheduled class. Submit all requests to Refunds will not be given for no-shows.

Privacy Policy
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