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Peripheral IV Therapy Basics
Includes Hands-on and Online Training

In-Person Skills Session*

  • Hands-on skills practice with experienced IV therapy and infusion nurses

  • 4-hour skills session

  • Hands-on skills include the following:

    1. Peripheral IV insertion and removal​

    2. Initiating a primary IV infusion, including spiking and priming an IV, and connecting to a patient's IV access

    3. Infection control basics for IV therapy

    4. IV therapy regulation and maintenance

Peripheral IV Therapy Basics Online course

  • This course contains additional, helpful content to help you master the basics of IV therapy

  • You will have ongoing access to the online course

  • Topics included in the online course

    • About  IV Therapy

    • Indications and Contraindications of PIV Therapy

    • Anatomy Related to PIV Therapy

    • Fluid and Electrolyte Balance

    • IV Fluid Regulation

    • Infection Prevention Related to IV Therapy

    • Complications of PIV therapy

    • Peripheral Vascular Access Devices (PVADs)

    • The Short Peripheral Catheter (SPC)

    • Peripheral Vascular Access Device (PVAD) Site Selection, Preparation, and Insertion - Step by Step

    • Infusion Equipment and Supplies

    • Documentation

    • Infusion Solutions

    • Age-Related Considerations

Who is this Course intended for?

  • This course is intended for IV Technicians, LPNs, RN, Nursing Students, Practitioners, or any other health professional needing a review or to learn more about basic IV therapy.  This course is not intended for the general public.

  • If it is within your scope of practice to insert or maintain a peripheral IV access or to monitor a patient with IV therapy, then this course is intended for you.

  • This course Does Not cover central venous access devices (CVADs). If you are looking for a course that covers peripheral and central venous access management and care, then go here: PA SBON IV Therapy Program.

  • If you are looking for online-only IV Basics training, including a step-by-step on Peripheral IV insertion, go here: Peripheral IV Therapy Fundamentals Online.


Start a Peripheral IV*

Hands-on practice with instructors to help you develop your peripheral IV insertion techniques.  Learn tips and tricks and troubleshooting.


IV Therapy Basic Skills

Learn and practice basic IV therapy skills such as initiating a primary infusion. Practice spiking an infusion bag and correctly priming the IV tubing in preparation for infusion.


Online Resources

This course comes with an online training course that you can move through at your own pace. The course provides basic principles of IV and infusion therapy.