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IV Therapy Class

PA State Board of Nursing Approved
LPN IV Therapy Training

PA State Board approved IV therapy program for LPNs. This course presents all the core skills needed for LPNs to take care of infusion patients. 

This is a great review for RNs, as well.

PA SBON Approved IV Therapy Program

This program is recognized by the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing and complies with the requirements of the IV therapy course required under § 21.203(d)(8) of the PA Nursing Code, regarding the LPN performing I.V. therapy, including a central line. 

  • IV Skills Review for the RN and/or LPN

  • in-person Hands-on Skill sessions combined with online learning

  • The hands-on Skills Training covers the following:

    • Insertion and care of a peripheral IV

    • Central line dressing change

    • Proper flushing of a central line

    • Assessing for patency of a central line

    • Blood sampling from a central line

    • Safely spiking an IV bag and priming tubing

    • Aseptic technique when managing IV lines

  • Topics covered in the course include

•    Anatomy
•    Infusion equipment used in IV therapy
•    Infection control and safety
•    Types of vascular access delivery devices 
•    Complications and nursing interventions
•    Fluid and electrolyte overview
•    Parenteral solutions, indications, and nursing considerations
•    Administration, maintenance, and monitoring of central and peripheral IV therapy
•    The Role of the LPN vs RN.
•    Documentation
•    Patient education
•    Age-related considerations
•    Legal implications for IV therapy

•    Blood Sampling from a Vascular Access Device (VAD)

•    Initiating a short Peripheral IV

  • Incorporates the most recent updated IV and Infusion therapy standards and guidelines

  • Attendees that successfully complete the entire online course and skills session will receive a certificate of completion for a PA SBON approved LPN IV Therapy course  

  • Supplies and reference material included

  • Class costs vary. Go to our Bookings Page for available classes.

What does the IV Therapy Program Include?

Step 1 - Online IV Therapy Course

  • The online IV therapy course is approximately 8 hours. You can work at your own pace. Come and go at your convenience. 

  • This must be completed before your scheduled in-person skills session

  • You will receive access via email after you register for your in-person session.

Step 2 - In-person skills session

  • Schedule your in-person skills session with one of our infusion nurses in your choice of NW PA or the greater Philadelphia area

  • After you schedule your preferred skills session, you will receive an email with access to your online course

Start Here to Schedule your IV Therapy Class.

Do you have a group that would like the training to come to you? 

We Travel to Your Facility

See details or Request a quote here.
A travel fee may apply to counties out of our service area.


Knowledgeable Instructors

This course was developed and managed by a Registered Nurse Educator with a Certified Registered Nurse Infusion (CRNI) certification.  IV class assisting instructors are all experienced Infusion Nurses.


If I take this class, will I become IV Certified?  Some websites list their IV Therapy course as an “IV Certification“.  Though, a true "IV Certification" is gained by RNs, only by taking a national certification exam. The nurse must first qualify to take the exam by holding a certain number of hours in infusion therapy. This "IV Certification" is the Certified Registered Nurse Infusion (CRNI) administered by the Infusion Nurses Credentialing Center (INCC) (for RN’s only).  There is also the Certified Vascular Access Nurse by the Vascular Access Board Certified (VA-BC) administered by the VACC (for RN’s, and other healthcare professionals).  Frontline's IV Therapy Program is attended by many RNs, LPNs, and practitioners wanting to learn more about IV Therapy. Some employers want a nurse to have an IV course before working with their infusion patients. This course is intended as a fundamental, comprehensive overview of IV access and IV therapy.  It also is an approved course for LPNs in the State of PA for the PA SBON IV Therapy required training.  The nurse that completes Frontline's IV Therapy program will receive a Certificate of Completion that states it is also a PA SBON approved IV Therapy course.

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