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Wilderness First Aid

ASHI’s Wilderness First Aid program is designed to meet or exceed the Boy Scouts of America Wilderness First Aid Curriculum
and Doctrine Guidelines, 2017 Edition. This comprehensive program prepares camp counselors, trail guides, and other outdoor
enthusiasts how to respond with effective emergency care in the unique situations that wilderness environments create.
Course highlights
• Designed for individuals who are not healthcare providers or professional rescuers but desire or are required to be certified in wilderness first aid knowledge and skills
• Comprehensive student book and clear, concise course content
• 2-year certification
• 16-hour class with emphasis on hands-on skills and scenario practices
Class topics include:
The course follows the BSA curriculum and includes topics such as:
• Wilderness First Aid
• Moving and Lifting
• Initial and Focused Assessments
• Shock
• Control of Bleeding
• Caring for Wounds
• Cleaning, Closing and Dressing Wounds
• Burns
• Musculoskeletal Injuries
• Extended Injury Management
• Poisoning
• Heat and Cold Emergencies
• Bites and Stings
• Submersion (Drowning)
• Lightning Strikes
• Altitude Illnesses

• Location: Meadville, PA
• Class length: This is a 2-day course
• Cost: $250/person

Optional addition of the American Heart Association CPR training can be provided for an additional fee.

Discounts given for groups of 4 or more. Request a quote here.

Man Hiking in Wilderness

Wilderness First Aid

American Safety and Health Institute
Completion Card good for 2 years

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